World Handball Council

Promotes 1-Wall and 4-Wall Court Handball Worldwide






Puerto Rico

Czech Republic

Officers of the World Handball Council

Vice President: Peter Dennihy (Ireland)

Secretary Treasurer: Michael Driscoll (USA) 

World Handball Council Objectives

(A) To promote worldwide the growth and general welfare of the game of handball.

(B) To serve as the international authority for the game of handball.

(C) To determine the international rules of the game of handball, including court and equipment specifications.

(D) To promote (by delegation to members) a World Championship of Handball in disciplines approved from time to time by the Council.

(E) To mediate and settle disputes between members.

(F) To sanction tours by official teams from member countries.

(G) To foster friendly competition and to eliminate unfair and unsporting practices including use of drugs or other illegal activities to enhance performance.

(H) To serve the interests of its members and implement decisions agreed on by the members.

(I) To foster gender equality and equal opportunity for all.

(J) To receive, acquire, and hold gifts or legacies and solicit donations and sponsorship.

(K) To acquire, hold, own, improve and maintain and sell, lease, or otherwise encumber, and to dispose of any real and personal property for the purposes of the Council.